Night Guards for TMJ

Treatments for TMJ range from conservative treatments to injections and surgery. But most dentists agree that treatment should begin by being conservative and nonsurgical.

Grinding and clenching your teeth can lead to cracked teeth, pain, and even tooth loss. This can also result in Temporomandibular Joint Disorders or TMJ, which is a very uncomfortable disorder of the jaw. Night guards help to treat this condition.

Today’s Dental of Lunenburg designs night guards for TMJ. These night guards are custom-designed, plastic mouthpieces that fit both your upper and lower teeth specifically.

The night guards prevent the upper and lower teeth from coming together, which means there can be no clenching or grinding of the teeth. They also correct the bite by positioning the teeth in their most correct position. Plastic night guards for TMJ are only worn at night.

The experts at Today’s Dental of Lunenburg can discuss with you the type of mouth guard appliance you may need.

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